Rose & Eye   and    Danielle M.

In honor of Valentine’s Day we are combining two favorite West End businesses for the February and March awards. Rose & Eye and Danielle M.

My favorite commercial block in all of Long Beach is Beech Street between Alabama and Wyoming Avenues. Each of these business owners take great care in not only the quality of their merchandise but the quality of their business. Their stores are beautifully maintained and beautifully designed. They are wonderful neighbors and are more than deserving of the success that they have achieved.

There’s the Station for Hair, Rose and Eye and Danielle M. Each of their windows is a visual feast and just a hint of the style emporium that awaits within.

So whether you’re looking for something special for your special someone or just want to pick up a fabulous something for yourself, you can not go wrong here.

Rose and Eye caters to a trendy crowd with a target age between 15 and 45. Since 2007, proprieters Michael Muratore and Stefano Malluzzo have been the Golden Boys of West End fashionistas. Summer weekends find hordes of young women flocking to their store for the latest bathing suits, sun dresses, tops, sandals and accessories (Dare I say they flock to the frocks?)

Winter months have fabulous sweaters, boots, leggings all the styles ahead of the fashion curve and extremely affordable. For you guys out there: here’s a suggestion: bring a photo of your gal and show it to Michael or Stefano. They are great at picking out something perfect. Your gift will come wrapped in Rose and Eye’s hot pink tissue inside their signature shopping bag. So even before your Valentine opens the gift, she knows it will be something wonderful. Guys, take my advice on this one. You can thank me later.

Rose & Eye • 893 West Beech Street • 516-897-7900

Virtually right next door to Rose and Eye is Danielle M’s which, in addition to being (in mho) one of the three best clothing boutiques on the south shore, it has recently undergone a beautiful streetscape renovation.

For 25 years shoppers from Atlantic Beach to Point Lookout have been drawn to Danielle M’s one of a kind, designer clothing and personalized service. Owner Danielle Gill knows how to display her fine selection of fashion to the best advantage and she shares her impeccable style sense with her customers.

I have been known to simply gaze in Danielle M’s windows lost in fashion fantasy. Traffic on Beech street can slow down just to catch a glimpse of the perfectly appointed mannequins

Just touching the fabrics is a sensual experience. In addition to the dresses, slacks, tops, jackets you’ll find custom jewelry, scarves, handbags and shoes for any occasion, either a night on the town or a day at the beach. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a gift, go to Danielle M’s. You need to see it, experience it for yourself. You’ll come away with something you’ll treasure for a long, long time.

Danielle M. • 889 West Beech Street • 516 431-9277



Paninis & Bikinis
896 W Beech Street
(516) 431-2244

November 2011

October 2011

The Station for Hair
885 West Beech Street
(516) 889-9126